Man-Lift Rental Review
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This site was created to document  bad business dealings with Bowne Equipment.


I bought a man lift from Bowne Equipment in Mendota.

When I got it the throttle actuator didn’t kick in so we used it with the engine at idle.

I called the guy and he agreed to fix it.

I had three days to try it out. I called and said I was sending it back but he agreed to fix it.

His service man came down, backed it out of the building and left without putting on a new actuator.

Instead he sent me an invoice saying I had a pedal card problem and he would fix the actuator but I had to pay for the pedal card.

We had been using it for a week putting metal on the machine shed. When the technician left it wouldn’t move , which it won’t without the safety pedal working.

At this point all communications stopped, he wouldn’t answer the phone or e-mails.

We found that the technician left a wire off the pedal control so we put it back on and went back to work.

I sent him an email that we had fixed the pedal and just needed the actuator fixed.

Still no communication.

I had an attorney send a letter that I would settle for $400.00 or the part but she wrote $400.00 and the part.

Still no communication.
I went to small claims court and won a court decision since he didn’t show, but that isn't the end of the story. Please see additional documentation below. 


 Court Document #1     Bowne Equipment Legal Notice
Lift Part Offered To Be Sent Estimate From Bowne Equipment

An additional complaint has been filed with the BBB.